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    Panda ActiveScan tells me that nCase, ExactSearch, Look2Me and BargainBuddy adware have attached themselves to my P4 cpu. After running AVG, a-squared, spybot and ad-aware, and "removing" said adware, they are still present. Also, of course, looked in add/remove programs, and they are nowhere to be found. But here is what really puzzles me... I have tried to remove all this adware manually, by going into the registry, looking for scores of specific files, and have not found a single one of the files that should have been there. How can this be?

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    I have found Microsoft AntiSpyware (Beta) the most effective!

  3. the most recent issue of Dr. Dobbs has a great little story by Jerry Purnel and how he rid himself of a similar addware infection.

    I don't have the magazine anymore, but it listed a good website with free tools. Maybe someone here has the magazine and can post a link.
  4. Are you running Ares, Bearshare or any other P2P file share utility? If so, then every time you run it, you will find your spam buddies running with it. Those types of programs should never be on your trading machine.
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  6. Another option... Try this: Computer Associates web site. You can virus-scan your box online. Takes about a half-hour or so. Also check out their spyware page via the link on the same page (see second link below).
    BargainBuddy is listed there. You need to de-register a dll file.

    Since you use Spybot, you should (if not already) use its "immunization" feature so that a lot of the bad stuff never gets installed in the first place. Not sure if BD is in it yet though...

    And I agree with BlueDog on the Microsoft beta. Tested it at work and it'll find stuff that others don't.

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  8. I ran the microsoft version and had 0 Detected. Then ran the ad-aware se personal and had 18 + 7 Mru. I also pay for" the cleaner" that web sit address is ( Hope this solves the problem. I use ad-aware everyday sometimes 2x a day.
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