Stuff Black People like.

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  1. There is a website called stuffwhitepeoplelike so I figure why not make a list for stuff black people like.

    #1 Fried Chicken, Show me a Popeyes and I will show you a table full of black people eating drumsticks and ocra.

    This is all for today, #2 tuesday.
  2. Lornz


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  3. Fat white girls (black dudes love em)
  4. 1) Voting Democrat

    2) Playing the "race card"

    3) Blaming whitey
  5. 4) Fried shrimp
  6. Hot white girls with bleached blond hair (only for rich/famous blacks)
  7. Your white daughter and sister and wife.
    The real problem for you guys is white chicks like these black guys.
  8. Why don't black guys like blow jobs???

    Cause dey don't like no jobs:)
  9. maxpi


    Damn, I forgot how much I miss Dave Chapelle... Does he have a show nowadays? I'd get a TV and pay for cable if he does...
  10. Carp fishing.

    The night.

    #10     May 24, 2011