studying in cuba - bad for CV ?

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  1. Hi,

    I want to get into trading after graduation. I'm not a native english speaker but i'm studying already right now for two terms in the uk. I'd like to do one more term abroad next year, my favorite is Cuba, so what do you think that would appear to HR people when you consider that the uni of habana is not that well known ?? (I'd like to do it for other reasons, however I'm sure I can spend there also enough time studying relevant trading literature in order to progress).

    thanks in advance!
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    If you plan to work in the US there will be plenty of HR people who will raise their eyebrow at that, and some will do more than raise an eyebrow. Anywhere else in the world probably not an issue.

    Cuban policy is nonsense and just pandering to Cuban bloc in Florida. We engage with China and look what a transformation has happened there, we don't engage with Cuba and Castro is still running the show.
  3. Is Gitmo hiring down there? :(
  4. Go for Cuba!!! I have been there in the early 90's and it was the most memorable experience.Fuck what people will think about it. It is not like you are going to learn how to build bombs.

    Trust me, go for it and you will NEVER forget the experience!
  5. Would you let a Carib-educated surgeon work on you?
  6. What region?

  7. Carib is a big word. There are huge cultural differences throughout the region, but yes, I would let a Cuban doctor operate on me.
  8. Cuban or cuban-trained? Diff'rent strokes, but I'll go with someone from Hopkins, Pritzker or Yale, thanks. Having Dr. Nick Riviera trained at Caribbean upstairs medical college doesn't instill a lot of confidence. Coca is not a licensed-anesthetic.

  9. You mean Yale like Mr. George Bush Yale???? You are joking right?
    Again, do not confuse the level of education on Cuban Universities with the rest of the basin. There is a huge difference.
    Now, let's not get ahead of ourselves and pretend that:

    a: all doctors in the states are on a level of an MD with a diploma from John Hopkins University. The truth is, many US MDs are nothing to write home about.
    b: you or many people in the states can afford a bed in a hospital where guys with the above mentioned degrees run around. They are truly for the privileged and I doubt you are the 1 percenter.

    I understand your mental blindness. You are constantly fed that in the US the police is the finest, the firefighters are the bravest, the correction officers are the boldest and that God only blesses the good old US of A, and that we are # 1. Listen, I have heard it all before circa late 30's in Germany and they cannot fool me, you on the other hand ......
  10. Bush went to Yale Med? Wow, that's news.

    Barrier to entry. The guy who flunks out of Rush ends up in a banana plantation reading from a 1943 A&P textbook. It's nothing to do with racial heritage or nationality. The fact that this is lost on you makes it bloody obvious you attended Appalachian State.
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