Study: what happens next when the Dow goes up 8 days in a row

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  1. The Dow Jones has closed higher 8 days in a row. Historically, this is a short term bearish sign for the stock market (but has no medium-long term implications for stocks).

    The stock market either makes a sideways consolidation, pullback, or small correction. The point is, no need to chase the rally in stocks right now. You can wait a little
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  2. Because everybody knows history repeats itself ......... exactly. Each and every future point in time. Right?
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    It corrects a bit and then continues to go up when there is enough reason to do so.
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    Maybe not, but I know some guys that backtest the crap out of situations similar to these and make a healthy living doing so. Research is about 8 hours a day, and trading is done via algo, but it can be done.
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    The goal is not to be right all the time, but to make money overall.

    The market is an ocean, we only need to grab a few scoops of it every day.
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  6. And streaks are made to be broken but all eventually end. I don't rely on streaks either way. Just price.
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    Interesting. Thank you.

    I have the Dow marked for a buy, but only after a pull-back of at least 3 days to a swing low with a daily low higher than 03/05. By the sounds of it I might get it.
  8. but that undertow...

  9. Each day is 50/50. See Gamblers Fallacy.
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  10. Well, today it fell 193 after 8 days of gains.

    But, the bearish signal was correct...
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