Study: the stock market will probably rally until mid-2019, after which a bear market will start

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Troy Bombardia, Nov 4, 2018.

  1. The stock market recently made a very sharp correction. When this happens, the stock market tends to bounce along at the bottom for a few weeks, after which a multi-month rally ensues.
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  2. McLeary


    I still think theres a few climbs and decines in the canyons before it takes off
  3. zdreg


    article makes
    some interesting points for investors but from my point of view has limited value as a useful trading tool.
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    Just curious.....does the site name give you any pause as to their bias ?
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    Its a hard one to call,if this trade war can get sorted out at the G20 meeting in Argentina at the end of this month ,it will ease pressure on the S & P and Dax etc also the fed more than likely raising rates next month.

    Its just more scare mongering as GS wants to sweep up a load of equities running into the new year
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    Let me cancel all my trading plans and build an options position based on your prediction.
  8. McLeary


    Well I assuming you have many more years in trading experienced lived than myself,

    What do you think,Oil has hit or nearly bottomes out and will make a move up for December?
  9. rockn


    I think we'll be in an economic expansion bull market for several more years to come, especially if Trump is reelected (not being political), potential '87 crash scenario at some point at climax. Hope this isn't too general or vague.