Study shows Diversity = Less Trust

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  1. Half the time social scientists are busy telling us what they wish was true and the other half they spend confirming that it isn't - ie, telling us what we alredy knew anyway. So it is in a recent study that Harvard political scientist Robert Putnam concludes that diversity ain't as grand for society as previously claimed - as though no one would have ever guessed it.

    Study paints bleak picture of ethnic diversity

    Oh my God. Just reading the comments section of former Bush econ advisor Gregory Mankiw's blog where this article popped up I'm dumbfounded by the extent to which people are willing to ignore the patently obvious. No one has sounded so absurd since the defenders of the heliocentric solar system.

    Check it out, it's filled with gems like this:
    Areas that are diverse are typically right in the middle of cities, which are traditionally pretty unsafe regardless.

    Yeah, there's just something about the middle of cities that makes them unsafe, eh? I wonder if you took the population that lives in those middles of the cities and put them on the fringes of the city, wouldn't the fringes then become unsafe? In other words it's the people - ie murderous blacks, for example - that make the 'middles' of cities so unsafe, rather than their simply being 'middles'?


    Also, consider universities. Universities tend to be very diverse, relative to one's local community (say). Ive spent quite a while on university campuses and have never considered them untrustworthy places.

    That's because you're young dumb and full of cum! It's easy to be unconcerned about the wages of diversity when your sojourn is temporary. And you're there to have a blast so who cares about ethnicity when you're all stoned? But when you grow up and start getting serious about life and reflecting on what's really important - and it's not smoking ganja or dying your hair green - maybe you start to realize that those chicanos down the block don't really live like you do and they don't think like you do and they don't have the same vision of the future as you do. Neither do the muzzies, nor the blacks, nor the hmong. Ahhh....
  2. Rural south dakota?

    What exactly , did he study?
    Whos to say, the correlation he found didnt actually have more to do with population size, where significant diversity is likely, over and above the fact the larger a population centre, the less anyone trusts anyone else-regardless?
  3. Excellent contribution.

  4. Nazi German, uniformity...

    Red China, uniformity...

    A KKK meeting, uniformity...

  5. Yes, but what was their respective "trust" level:)
  6. Their trust was high that if they did not conform, they would be imprisoned or killed...

  7. Bodies are all that is necessary to project the illusion of differences. Bodies make you forget that you are of one mind, all equal members of the Sonship. A body does not allow you to know of your oneness, your grandeur, your brotherhood, your love, and your innocence. Resulting perceptions foster mistrust. The rest is "history".

    Your brother,