Study Proves Neo-Con Voters Easily Fooled

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  1. Study shows right wing-nuts are simply stupid.

    But we all knew that. We don't need a study to tell us the taliban imbeciles are retarded.

    Reading their posts on ET is enough proof. Anyone who plans to vote for Palin based on the color of her lip-stick is not only a danger to a democratic society, they are also a danger to themselves.

    Does ideology trump facts? Studies say it often does

    This sort of misinformation isn't hypothetical; in 2003 a study found that viewers of Fox News were significantly more misinformed about the Iraq war, with far greater percentages of viewers erroneously believing that Iraq possessed WMDs or that there was a credible link between the 9/11 attack and Saddam Hussein than those who got their news from other outlets like NPR and PBS. This has led to the rise of websites like FactCheck and SourceWatch.

    As I often keep on stating. These imbeciles should be barred from voting. They are the reason the country is in such bad shape.
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    I can't find the link but I read a study that proves people who misspell their internet alias's are simply stupid.
    These imbeciles should be barred from voting. They are the reason the country is in such bad shape.
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    oooooooooooooooooh... there's an intelligent analysis, if I've ever read one.

    Has it ever occured to you that that the Taliban may have genius or two in their ranks...

    Now, who is stupid

  4. you mean like how Palin is the genius in her family?

    Daughter is a high school drop-out and pregnant in her teens.

    Son wasn't able to get admitted to college because of poor grades, so went to the army.

    Husband never finished high shool.

    no wonder she's so popular with the illiterate taliban sheeple.

    her family is just like theirs.
  5. There is poetic justice in a priesthood like the Neo-conservatives and their cults of followers...
    See "cognitive elite" and Charles Murray -

    So many people are infatuated with "strong leaders", because they themselves are "intellectually lost" and seek protection in numbers. Then they think they will be dominating others by sticking together - because "they are ultimately right", or so their leaders explained it to them...
    The people flocking to such leaders proclaiming their qualities, then enforces the belief the leaders have in themselves.
    This leads to theories about how it was inevitable, their responsibility and other apologetic reasoning for aggression.
    Elite theory is one result from such authoritarian alignment of social groups.

    The Neo-conservatives with their ideological leader and founder, Irving Kristol, is a bigot who hates countercultures.

    Universal absolutes and belief in divine spirituality lead down the same path: aggressive, authoritarian submission of others.
    When they "view everyone and everything" in relation to their EXTERNAL absolute - they demand full control and allegiance to this absolute. The thing is that there are no absolutes - no two things are the same - not even the Olsen twins or hotter twins.

    All about sociopsychology and social control. Quite fascinating stuff. The US is chock full of nationalism and symbolism... scary.
  6. People obsessed by finding "meaning of life" - a teleology to their lives - often become quite radical in their thinking.
    This shows in their aggressive "shaping" of their surroundings.
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    Agree 110%... I... always.... felt there should be some kind of licensing or other standards for voting other than coming out of the womb in the USA or otherwise becoming a US citizen. You can't practice law or medicine without one yet you can engage in critically important decisions like voting with no more than an 80 IQ on economic, foreign policy and other issues that face your own Country! No proof of being an educated voter is necessary!
  8. People who spend their time hating on other people's beliefs are often stupid as well. Everyone knows at least should know that there are crazies on both sides.
  9. CNN is being swamped with neo-conservatives nowadays... What - is there a neo-campaign going on or something?

    Just now, Wolf Blitzer added a "new member to the 'best political team on television'" - Stephen J. Hayes from the neo-conservative rag The Weekly Standard.

    Larry King also frequently puts on neo-conservatives on his show as they were "mainstream conservatives." Sure, they may share some viewpoints and stances on social conservatism - but they are ideological-sourced political radicals!

    It's like a neo-con invasion - and yes, I do NOT like neo-conservatives...
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