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  1. I looking to form a study group of traders.

    5-7 traders - no fees involved

    Ideal Candidate:
    - No outside income other than trading
    - Trading their own capital
    - Has business plan
    - Ability to articulate their entry and exit strategies
    - Incorporates a Risk Model within their strategy
    - Ideally has the ability to back test

    The meeting will either be quarterly or monthly (TBA)
    90 minutes
    Each member will present on one topic in the calendar year
    1 in person meeting per year

    Format 90 minutes:
    30min - Guest Speaker... I'll source the Guest Speakers in the beginning.
    The next 60 minutes is broken down in the basic format:
    • 20 minutes -- Each member spends 3 minutes shares something positive going on in their life
    • 30 minutes -- One group member presents on the session topic (provided in advance), a member will present for approx. 20 minutes, leaving 10 minutes for Q&A
    • 5 minutes -- A quick win presentation -- One member will present on something that everyone should be able to take away and implement tomorrow into their business
    • 5 minutes -- Wrap-up, takeaways and set the stage for the next meeting agenda
  2. Overnight


    Again with this schoolmarm stuff.

    Each member must present a book report each year.

    You must fly at your own expense to some location to have an in-person meeting. Who the hell are YOU to demand this from volunteers? Are you paying for all these expenses? What kind of twisted book-club are your forming here? Oh, and then there is the NDA thing. You must be very wealthy and bored out of your mind to come up with this.

    People have jobs, families and lives, you know.
  3. maxinger


    it sounds very scary to join your group.
    but I think it will be a good nightmare experience.

    I guess you will create another new thread about another study group soon.
    try forming a group where members have
    outside income but no income from trading.
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  4. Overnight and Maxinger - completely understand study groups are not your thing - but there are a lot of people in this community who are interested in Study groups

    I've already got two interested in the Forex specific study group.

    I've got a growth mindset and need folks to be able to bounce ideas off in a constructive positive way... some topics and ideas are perfect for forums, some might be better suited in a small group format..that's all I'm trying to accomplish...nothing more, nothing less.

    I wish you both best luck in life and trading

    Have an amazing evening!
  5. Overnight


    In case you have not noticed, in-person meetings have not been necessary for little bits like what you propose. The pandemic has proven that. World leaders are trying to defuse wars now with video-conferencing. Why the hell do you need people to waste money to fly-out to some location?

    You're not closing a M&A with a company in a foreign country for 10 billion...Yer forming a chat group. Give your self-importance a rest, and good luck with your endeavors, sir/ma'am.
  6. Overnight
    -What are you trying to prove? You right/I'm wrong?

    You've posted negative comments in each of my study group posts...

    Everyone gets it...its not for you...but it might be just what other people are looking for.

    Maybe its just what they're looking for...maybe they haven't traveled in a while...and this gives them a reason to schedule something on a calendar Maybe they have a question, but don't ask it in this forum based on some of the responses I've been reading

    At the end of the day I will establish 3 separate study groups: Financial Markets, Forex and Options Specific. And I will do everything I can to help those folks who want to commit to growing both personally and professionally -- while having a lot of fun along the way

    I'm excited in meeting new folks, having my ideas challenged, learning things I've would have never known had I not met them.

    It's about people, culture and treating them with dignity.
  7. maxinger


    good. you managed to form a group.

    I had quite a few horrific experiences with the study group.
    the worst was the one chaired by my former forex trading coach
    (who was a scam / an unsuccessful trader).

    anyway, all the best mister to you and your group.
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  8. I'll take "he who seeks free mentorship" for $500 Alex.......
  9. This may be a great idea but the condition
    of no outside income other than trading is

    I would never disclose my income sources
    to random people plus I think that trading
    is an additional income stream/side hustle
    for most people, so that requirement would
    eliminate the majority of people here.

    Are you going to require documentation for
    all those criteria.
  10. tomorton


    Study groups are a great idea. I used to belong to one that met monthly, it was only about 30 miles away from my home.

    All members were private retail traders. As far as I could tell, none had ever worked in financial services or the markets. I learned a huge amount from three or four of those traders and the entire experience was psychologically a huge support at a difficult time in my journey.

    This idea might be good, but to be truly healthy and productive going forward, that will be up to the membership, not the convenor.
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