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Are you interested in joining a study group?

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  1. I looking to form a study group of professional traders.

    5-7 traders - no fees involved

    Ideal Candidate:
    - No outside income other than trading
    - Trading their own capital
    - Has business plan
    - Ability to articulate their entry and exit strategies
    - Incorporates a Risk Model within their strategy
    - Ideally has the ability to back test

    1 Meeting Per Month
    1 1/2 hour
    Each Member will have an assigned topic to cover
    1 in person meeting per year
    Willing to sign a NDA
  2. rb7


    You list what you want, but not what you offer!!!
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  3. Handle123


    Lol, sign a NDA? Am sure my attorneys would not allow. I would have joined, but you asking too much of my time
  4. Overnight


    An NDA is essentially a binding legal contract. What on earth could you be discussing 90 minutes per month that is so top secret it would require such a thing? Not to mention requiring 1 in-person per year?

    Sheesh. Are we working for you with a salary, or are we just giving you free knowledge at our expense?

    NDA my ass. Are YOU signing the NDA as well?
  5. ajacobson


    Most every Prodesk visit, H.R. interview, recruiting contact, or technology vendor requires the execution of an NDA today. FedEx and UPS don't get past the reception area. You don't have to play if it bothers you.
  6. newwurldmn


    in handle's world, he has cameras in the homes of his employees. but he can't sign a standard NDA.
  7. maxinger


    It sounds very stressful / torturing.
    it is a turn-off.

    anyway, if the candidate
    has no outside income other than trading,
    then there is no necessity to join the study group.

    the study group is for newbies, unsuccessful traders and
    professional talkers.
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  8. If we are so busy trading how can we manage such a big-time to join a study group?
  9. I am fallible, we are fallible and all have area for opportunities of improvement. I've found in my career that the most successful people are either part of a part of an active study group or have been in one in the past. These groups cultivated life long relationships.

    The idea is to bring together a diverse group of people to help them grow both personally and professionally.

    I believe during the weekend you should work on your business not in your business.

    Why 90 minutes, the first 30min is a guest speaker... I'll source the Guest Speakers in the beginning.
    The next 60 minutes is broken down in the basic format:
    • 20 minutes -- Each member spends 3 minutes shares something positive going on in their life
    • 30 minutes -- One group member presents on the session topic (provided in advance), a member will present for approx. 20 minutes, leaving 10 minutes for Q&A
    • 5 minutes -- A quick win presentation -- One member will present on something that everyone should be able to take away and implement tomorrow into their business
    • 5 minutes -- Wrap-up, takeaways and set the stage for the next meeting agenda

    The question on the NDA -- they're some really successful traders who may want to join a study group because they've identified an area where they need help, but are very protective of their trading strategies and would otherwise be hesitant to join (for me I'm fine having a study group without a NDA)

    In person meeting -- we've found over the years in-person meeting helps facilitate two major things, first its fosters and deepens person relationships, and its the time outside of the study group main session (beers on the patio) where some of the greatest takeaways are fostered

    I'm open to Quarterly Meetings, rather than monthly meeting, and I'm fine without having an NDA in place

    For visibility: This is one of 3 study groups I'm forming: Financial Futures / Forex Specific / Option Trading
  10. Jim Simons tried the NDA act at Renaissance. And even THERE it didn't work. Basically impossible to enforce when employees leave off to start their own hedge funds and steal the same trading exploitations. There were lots of different legal tricks he used to protect against this, but in the end it is a nightmare to enforce, even when billions are at stake and you can afford hundreds of millions in lawyer fees.

    Good luck.
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