Study: Fukushima Radiation Has Already Killed 14,000 Americans

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  1. The study is crap. One of the main requirements to take such stuff seriously is that there be some plausible known biological mechanism to cause excess mortality. The tiny increase in radiation dose (far smaller than natural background radiation) simply does not cause people to drop dead. There *might* be a very very tiny increase of the likelihood of developing cancer, but it would be completely insignificant compared to other causes and statistically undetectable. There may very well be no ill effects at all.

    It has been debunked in Scientific American:

    A previous "study" from the same authors has also been debunked

    Dr Robert Gale, a world authority on the effects of radiation, has also been highly critical. Dr Gale is the author of over 800 scientific papers, 20 books and lead the medical response at the Chernobyl disaster. It would be sensible to listen to what he says:
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