Study finds Republicans more charitable

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  1. So much depends on what is considered charitable, by the author in his work. Would the born agains consider the time and money Tom Cruise donates to the Church of Scientology charitable?

    I am pretty sure much of the time and money given by liberals is not considered charity work by conservatives, simply because they don't believe in the causes.

    I read in the article something about those who give blood...

    They ask what your political is when blood is donated?


    Oh, and which former president in the past 50 years has donated the most time to charity work?

    Yep, that old liberal Jimmy Carter...

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  2. Hey, by all means read whatever you like, and when you can present some fact, please do...

    Oh, and you continue to employ ad hominem, why is that?

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  3. Also from the article:

    Still, he says it forcefully, pointing out that liberals give less than conservatives in every way imaginable, including volunteer hours and donated blood.
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  4. When you volunteer, does the organization you are volunteering for ask you if you are a liberal or a conservative?

    LOL! LOL! LOL!

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  5. I don't know where this Arthur C. Brooks guy got his education. It's probably not a very good one. Look at some of his works prior to this book:

    "# Some 54 percent of nondrinkers contribute to charity each year, giving an average of $1,100, whereas 62 percent of drinkers (one to two drinks per day) make annual charitable contributions of $1,200.
    # When comparing two people similar in terms of income, education and religion, the moderate drinker will give between $50 and $100 more to charity each year than the nondrinker."

    Yeah, right. They're so drunk they don't know how much money they were giving. This guy knows how to research as much as z10 does.
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  6. Lol:D "There but for the grace of.........................geez, i need a drink."
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  7. Z is also an alcoholic, so that may explain what we are seeing here, every day, in every thread.
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  8. ______________________________________________-

    He should put some of that alchohol purchase money into a good charity and stop trying to force others to give through taxing them. When he is sober he should also donate some time to a local charity like so many of us heartless conservatives do.

    T'aint gonna happen though, with the condescending liberal mindset. Think of the time he has just posting.

    "His main finding is quite startling, that the people who talk the most about caring actually fork over the least," Harvey Mansfield, professor of government at Harvard University and 2004 recipient of the National Humanities Medal,

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  9. traderob


    I spent two years in Thailand. They have no social services to speak of. The rich feel obligated to help the poor, and will donate large amounts of their income. I also spent time in Australia - where everyone is taxed heavily and there are social services for all. The rich feel like they are being robbed while the poor are utterly ungrateful and demand more from every govt.
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  10. I would like to know if this study was qualitative or only quantitative. Some of you may remember that Bill Clinton donated some very valuable boxer (or were they jockey) shorts to the Salvation Army. :)
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