Study finds Republicans more charitable

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  1. The bankruptcy bill, free trade agreements, opposition to minimum wage increases... Of course they are not robbing the poor only, they are robbing the middle class as well.
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  2. So charities won't make a dent, but big government bureaucracies will? I don't know if I should condemn your optimism in big government, or pity the naivete of this belief.

    I am curious why people who do not go to church would have less incentive to give to charity than people who are religious. If the goal of liberalism is to help our fellow man, this should be incentive enough.

    Lastly, your little doubt is completely speculative. You have absolutely no evidence to back up your claim. We at least know that the study shows that Republicans donate more than Democrats. That is across the board, regardless of income.
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  3. ^ 31% percentile Bushbot alert ( AKA religious "im-moral minority") :D

    All Republicans are corrupt. They love bribes and are easily bribed. I even lost count of the number of Republicans headed to Jail, the body count keeps climbing each day.

    And what with Waxman starting investigations into the very heart of the cesspool of sh*t called no-bid contracts, the numbers will keep on rising.

    Soon Americans will need to build more Jails for their corrupt Republican leaders. :D
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  4. Unless we see statistically relevant data from documented tax returns that show how much was donated, evidence that the returns belong to conservative vs. liberals, where it was donated, and the percentage that was donated relative to income...the study is meaningless.

    If it was a survey, forget about. Republiklans would just lie to make people think they are generous...
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  5. Wow, i agree with Z. Didnt see that coming.
    Arent most charities religiously based, through church groups and even faith based (church sponsered) ngo's?
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  6. A drowning inbreed will cling to straws. The Republican inbreed base is genetically programmed to lie, that's why they keep on re-electing corrupt liars to represent them. These inbreeds screamed at pollsters who told them they were going to lose, now the same F**King inbreeds bring up similar survey data to strengthen their "IM-moral Minority" status. Too funny!! ROTFLMAO! :D
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  7. Why do all you Liberals struggle so much with simple grammar and spelling.
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  8. I was not commenting on whether it's right or wrong, I was making a point that conservatives and liberals believe in two completely different approaches to the problem of poverty and it therefore is incorrect to judge liberals based on conservative criteria.

    That's not what the study says, it says according to your own post that religious conservatives donate more than secular liberals. You choose to interpret is as republicans donate more than democrats, my interpretation is slightly different - religous folks donate more than secular ones. Of course there are more religious conservatives than religious liberals and vice versa.
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  9. You'll have to read the book to see about that. It would be hard for a liberal to admit this fact even if God himself came down from the heavens and told them that it was so.

    So, does the author have to have copies of everyone's tax return printed in the book along with their voter registration in order for you to accept the results? Otherwise, he could be lying right?

    You are the type that will nitpick the most minute detail and validate your belief that the study is wrong based on that. I wonder, if the author forgets to put THE END on the back page, will this debunk the entire study?
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  10. Okay, I'll agree to that. Then you agree that calling Republicans greedy when they do not want to get taxed more money for entitlement programs is wrong. You wouldn't judge them based on liberal criteria right?
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