STUDY: As many as 38 MILLION illegal immigrants in the USA - Houston Chronicle

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    STUDY: As many as 38 MILLION illegal immigrants in the USA

    Houston Chronicle
    Monday October 08, 2007

    In separate rooms on overlapping morning hours at the National Press Club this week, two very different groups were launching the next rounds in the simmering immigration fight.

    In the Zenger Room, named for German immigrant John Peter Zenger, who helped establish free speech law, Californians for Population Stabilization released a study claiming there are 20 million to 38 million illegal immigrants in America, not the 12 million the federal government says....
  2. I'd agree with 38 million, rather than the more conservative estimate of 20 million.

    One of every ten Mexicans right now is in the US.

    10000 Mexicans (one division) successfully cross the US border from Mexico every night.

    Estimates place 50000 MS 13 gang members (5 divisions) in the US.

    I think the saying "Clinton opened the door to illegal aliens, and Bush took it off its hinges" fits.

    The US has been invaded and certainly is at war, unfortunately far too many Americans are fooled that the war is in the middle east. The war is here as far more Americans have been killed on US soil by mexican invaders than have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan . . . We see Mexican flags flying over American flags all the time, and the national guard retreats when mexican drug running invaders approach.

    We support our troops in this war on terror (in Iraq), ha ha ha ha

    The current traitor US president oversaw 152 executions (of americans) while governor of Texas. Now a Mexican national convicted of raping and murdering two teenage girls is facing execution in Texas, and Bush is trying to stop the execution . . . Bush's prosecutors take the side of Mexicans in each and all legal disputes.
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    What was the net drain per illegal on taxpayers?

    Can someone post that
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    How about those Border Patrol Guards that shot a Mexican drug runner crossing illegally and got sentenced to what - 10 years?

    Absolutely sickening. Bush is such a criminal. Its disgusting.