Student wanted to know, so I told him

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  1. My son's friend is very interested in trading and asked me for an interview. I told him, fine ask your questions.

    Q: how much do you make?
    A: about bleep (I told him but I won't tell you)

    Q: how much do you need to trade?
    A: minimum 10 k in futures, minimum 30 k for stocks

    Q: how did you learn to trade?
    A: by shedding lot of tears

    (he chuckled)

    (I didn't)

    Q: Did you learn trading in school or ?
    A: No I learned by shedding lot of tears

    Q: what do you mean, like real tears?
    A: yes, real tears that come down your face and heart pressing feeling for many hours every day

    He didn't ask any more questions........
  2. I hope I didn't ruin the classic image of a trader, smart alecky hot shot grinning at everybody :)
  3. The image of the trader that lasts 3 months?
  4. let me guess, you were frying fries at local mcd restaurant when this conversation took place.
  5. :D :D :D
  6. People don't understand when you talk about your tears.
    They only feel their own. - At which point they've already
    forgotten what you told them in the first place.
  7. hehe some comments are funny,

    let say my name is Larry
    I often asked myself Larry, Larry, why do you have to be the one aiming for the stars, look what it got you. Why can't you be one of those happy salary workers.
  8. You ask yourself why you start random threads on ET after having downed a fifth.
  9. maybe I am lonely, maybe I am scared, you :D
  10. I'm guilty of this at times, but wanted to mention how great a quote this is.

    Fantastic post.
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