Student Tasered after asking Kerry questions

Discussion in 'Politics' started by DrEvil, Sep 18, 2007.

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  2. It's down in the P & R section...
  3. whoa, man! thanks for posting that, i hate cops who abuse their power/authority.

  4. why were the cops standing behind him as he was asking the question?

    perhaps he showed signs of being disruptive before hand..

  5. your right, there is potentially stuff not on the tape--however, the tape in and of itself is pretty damning of the cops. surf
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    Perhaps they were positioned behind the microphone ... that's why they were behind him while he was speaking ...
  7. He was told not to ask any hard or disruptive questions, but he did anyway so he was zapped. And the problem is?
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    That clip is deceptive and doesn't tell the entire story.

    Eye witnesses said It wasn't his turn to speak and he had 'rushed' the microphone to ask the question. That is why the police were hovering around.

    The mic was then turned off and he was asked to stop. He didn't... this is where the video clip starts.
  9. Mayhaps they used non lethal technology to peacefully subdue a violent man who refused their directives to leave?
  10. it seems like it was the "skull and bones" question that triggered the cops to move in. thats downright scary, the conspiracy theorists will have a ball with this one.

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