Student loan bubble

Discussion in 'Economics' started by nutmeg, Oct 19, 2011.

  1. Although rather long, this vid got my attention right away.

    One woman interviewed defaulted on one of her college loans to be a dentist, Guess what, she is not allowed to treat medicare or medicaid patients or anyone with a Federal health care plan.

    Why are college coaches paid millions of dollars a year.

    College advertises 90% placement/ employment rate for lawyers after graduation, they don't tell you that number includes lawyers who are working in retail.

    Looks like we have a student loan bubble and suggest we may see a forgiveness of student loans, compliments of the taxpayer.

    Oh yea, how did student loans end up in the health care bill.

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  2. Government expansion on student loan credit made way for increase in university fees.

    My wife and I both owe about 200K. Well. I hope we can pay for it.

    I still think it is far more expensive not to get a college education.
  3. That video is a nice summation of what is going on, I think everyone has good intentions to repay but will get very very discouraged with poor job prospects.

    The powers that be create a resistance to on line education but Imo, that will be the low cost future.

    The vid said India graduated 500k engineers to our 150k via online a degree.