Student is selling her virginity on the internet for £10,000

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Maverick74, Jan 24, 2004.

  1. Socialized medicine in England.

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  2. Funster


    Socialized medicine in England.

    Hey its not that bad here (!) - and it is a good point - an average GP now gets £60,000 ( $108,000 ), so he should be able to afford to help her.

    Probably doesnt like her sexual orientation !

    Anyway she has probably made the £10,000 +++ by selling her story to the News Of The World - that's where the real money is made

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  3. bro59


    For thousands of years young women have relied upon a wide variety of means to validate their apparent "virginity" to the current suitor of note. Perhaps she will be able to harnass the power of some of these means to replicate her flower and offer it to as many as 100 or more high-priced suitors in sequence. Ahhhhh, the ingenuity associated with the oldest profession is quite refreshing to a free market type.

    Simple membranes over brains, it shows just how animal we are.
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