Student debtors can't buy housing, cars, etc.

Discussion in 'Economics' started by wilburbear, Apr 19, 2013.

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    At last! All those people I knew that said they would earn so much while everybody else was wasting time in school.. that didn't go to school.. they are now right... Oh wait, they don't have jobs.. never mind, but they can still whine "Morrrrrreeeee Governnnnnnmmmeeenttt Puuuulllleeeezzzeee! The public sector can fix all this" [right after they have used up all their retirement and are free to think]
  2. this is case-by-case....

    IF you really like to learn, and you would feel like a moron your whole life if you never went to school....then, whatever, spend the $200k and be broke, but "happy". i'm in favor of this.

    if you work some crappy job, save 50k, never go to college, try to read on your own, interact with morons your whole life.....yeah, this sounds worse.

    I personally think they should only have about x amount of universities in the country. we have too many horrible schools.

    I know some moron spent 100k on online MBA from that worthless school in Arizona. oh, I forget.

    my mba is worthless as well. was about 20k over a decade ago, I used it for 6 years, maybe. maybe from a financial perspective, worth it. but I hate all that crap wish I got something else.
  3. Average cost to get a bachelors degree at a public university. $30k
    Average cost of a new car. $30k

    Its the private universities that seem to be overcharging and are whats getting students worked up. But I guess if someone charged me $100k for a $30k car, I might bitch about making payments too.