student at fundamentalist christian college murders 7 classmates

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  1. Goes to show you how intolerant Atheists are. They love shooting up schools full of Christians, then telling Christians that we are bad people.
  2. The shooter was a former student.

    Christianity is the leading cause of violence since 1096.

    Christianity is the leading cause of poverty in america.
  3. Lucrum


    What's the leading cause of your arrogance and stupidity?
  4. Well it is April, and for the lunatics, it's the month to remember Waco and Timothy McVeigh. I wonder what the over/under is for the chrisitans to bomb something this month. We've a Sunday night bombing at the Planned Parenthood in Wisconsin, so that makes 1.
  5. Virginia shootings was also a Korean, these koreans are NUTS
  6. If you take a Korean girl out for dinner I suggest you don't ask if she is a "dog" person or a "cat" person on the first date.:cool: