Studds dead at 69

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  1. Christian Kiriakos, central administrator at the hospital, said Studds died between 1 a.m. and 2 a.m. He did not have additional information, and details of Studds' death could not be immediately confirmed.

    Studds, a liberal Democrat who spent more than 20 years in Congress, was censured by the House in the 1980s for having sex with a 17-year-old male page. He was re-elected for several more terms.
  2. Now the question. Was the crime Studds committed greater than the crime Foley committed? And Yes, they both committed criminal acts! Anyone who is intellectually honest knows that 16/17 year olds are kids regardless of what the law says.
    If Republicans are going to present themselves as the "holier than thou" party, then they need to live up to those standards, meaning Hastert has to go.
    If Democrats are going to give a guy like Studds a pass, then not only can Hastert stay, Foley should be given his job back.
    Obviously both parties are full of shit up to their ears on this issue.
  3. Here's the diff. Mark Foley is no longer in Congress. Studd's served several more terms. Foley has RUINED his career, Studds wasn't effected an iota.
    At this point going any further on this Foley thing becomes a witch hunt.

    And Captain I agree regardless of the law, Foley clearly violated a moral code. But so did Clinton. And if Monicagate had not been wrapped around perjury in a sexual harassment suit few would have cared a bit.

    It's funny that many on the left who oppose "legislated morality" vis a vis abortion restrictions, drug laws and this new on-line gaming ban are up in arms over Hastert's laxness in outing a homo who wasn't in ACTUAL violation of the law. Who really gives a hoot?
  4. Hold on a minute there Pabst. You can't be suggesting the Democrats are playing politics with this, can you? I'm sure it was just a coincidence that ABC decided to run this right before the election, even though the story had been out for over a year. Don't you understand how much they care about the children? This clearly isn't a homosexual issue either, it's an issue of child predation. That's why they were so tough on Studds and why they denounce NAMBLA.
  6. Perhaps an auto-erotica mishap while fantasizing about Foley's liaisons? :D
  7. Well, one thing for sure. Mass. gerbals are breathing a sigh of relief.:D
  8. Vote Libertarian, OBVIOUSly.
  9. at the very least, in the spirit of good old american competition it's time to lose the special regulatory obstacles 3rd parties face. enough of this anticompetetive lock by two bullshit parties that keeps us divided along one easy, obvious axis

    the two party system is clearly anticompetetive and seems obsolete in this day and age
  10. Libertarians are so funny.

    Their idea that the problems of a pluralistic society will be solved by self absorbed narcissistic anti social leadership...

    Bust a gut funny....

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