Stuck with dial-up? Propel can speed up..

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by gnome, Mar 31, 2003.

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    I got it this weekend, and it really DOES work. No apparent conflicts with anything in my system. 7 day free trial. Worth checking out.
  2. Does it have any speed effect on sending and receiving market data?
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    No. If I understand it correctly, it's mostly for net surfing.
    a. Your web pages are routed through their server
    b. Your pages are compressed more than normal + packet size is optimized for your bandwidth.... only works on dialup and ISDN.
    3. Your pages are seamless decompressed on your machine.

    If you surf a lot (especially if you regularly visit "large" pages), it's really quite effective. $5/mo on annual prepay. For my purposes, it seems worth it.
  4. Thanks for the reply Gnome. I currently have a cable modem for trading but I am looking to setup up my computer to trade from a rural area. There just aren't that many reliable solutions.
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    I only have dialup for trading, but I have 2 lines so trades are placed on the one with less data flow. Sombody on ET said they had both cable and dialup at work and if the traffic on dialup was light, trade execution was the same as cable.

    My fills have always been as I expected from my screen, so I believe this is true.

    For frequently visiting the same pages, Propel is pretty slick.

    They show a testimonial from Mark Andreesen (founder of Netscape)... he says, "... If you're stuck with dialup, Propel is the only way to go..." That's pretty credible to someone as gullible as I.
  6. sounds interesting, but you can probably get similar results by just using a caching proxy server and caching DNS server on your PC and avoid the monthly fee. I am doubtfull that the encryption really makes much difference, gif's and jpeg's are already compressed.

    Also there is a privacy problem here, because by definition they are tracking every single page you view.
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    As my wife doesn't care that I surf porn, it doesn't matter much to me that anybody else sees what I do... all pretty worthless to another, seems to me. BTW, propel doesn't act on secure pages.

    Seems like compression/decompression is their big thing. They show one test example of compressing a 50k image down to .9K. That's how they increase the rate of data flow.

    Do you know where we could find instructions for "caching proxy server" and "caching DNS" server ?? TIA
  8. Not quite. A caching proxy just caches the page. It does not compress the content. I am not familiar with this particular product, but saw some others (like the one from Juno). They do more than just cache the page. Among other things, they convert the graphics to PNG format, which is much smaller than GIF/JPG.