Stuck at Tampa airport and a lesson

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    As I sit here in Tampa waiting for my flight that's just my luck, "delayed," I decided to go out earlier via cab to Chili's for a hot meal, and just to get out of the airport.

    As I'm on my way to Chili's, I asked the cab driver where he was from. Ethiopia.

    I asked "do you like it here?" He almost crashed us after that one. He said: "oh yes, I have human right here!" We talked some more and I learned what he and his family went through at the hands of an evil regime as he WAS UNARMED, AND COULD DO NOTHING ABOUT IT!!!!!!

    Now the guy has a job, a Family here, and yes, a gun he can LEGALLY own to (for now:mad: ), protect them with. He said he wants to kiss the ground every time he wakes us here in America.

    He then went on to gripe about what he called "bad America lazy blacks." I damn near fell out of his cab when he said, "I have gun to protect my cash from what these people call African American. They never been Africa, and have nerve to call themselves that. Make me sick, the lazy steal shits." (Trying to paraphrase what he said.)

    As I sat in Chili's getting some dinner, I couldn't help think America, what a great Country, and what a fucking mess at the same time. A REAL African here with a job, values, and a gun to protect his Family with. Pretty rare here I've gotta say...:(

    Let's not judge the guy for driving a cab. He's a black guy-a REAL African American-with a job, who doesn't live off the gubment titty, and KNOWS what a big gubment can do to HARM the people... Needless to say, his tip was exceptional. VERY refreshing to meet a guy who loves America for its freedom vs it's "free" bama shit.
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    Btw tsing tao, was gonna send u a PM, but it was after 10:00 PM (too late IMO), when I landed here. Now I'm kicking myself in the ass as you may have had a cot I could have borrowed for a few hrs. Lol! Gotta love flying commercial these days. :(

    Where's our private pilot lucrum when I need him? Lol!:D
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    Just getting back from Nassau last night.
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    Tsing Tao

    I took the day off yesterday and was out at Disney with my 5 year old.
  5. I smell a documetary.
  6. What makes America amazing is people keep on trying. We root for the "underdog".


    Yea, it's a mess but therein lies opportunity, to find a better way hence people keep trying.

    Imo, the power at the moment lies in the hands of people who try to stop other people from doing anything. This seems to be big business, stopping people from doing things via NIMBA's, rules regulations, liabilitiy and the energy consumed being able to outlast your opponent, what a waste.
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    But the Democraps are indoctrinating the young. They are changing the way Americans think. They are making us less reliant and trusting of each other and making the young believe government is the answer.

    We will be worse than Europeans within two generations if this isn't stopped.
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    Wish you would have stopped over at Tampa, picked me up, and dropped me off where I live. Damn, it was a nightmare waiting, and waiting! Was going to get a Hotel, but kept thinking I'd miss the flight as the dummies didn't know just when it was going to be a go, so wait I did. Til' 6:50 AM for what was supposed to have been a 11:15 PM flight... :(

    I would have paid big for that one. Have been dragging tail all day til' about now. Sad part is, I took a nap this afternoon, and probably won't sleep well tonight. Gotta love flying commercial in 2013. It was fun 25yrs ago. Now? I cringe at the thought.:(

    Lucky you and your Clients flying private!
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    Been there, done that, and came home with close to an empty wallet, but of course, good memories. Next time I'm in Tampa, will shoot you a PM if the time's right.
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    It was an eye opener to hear a REAL African American tell me just how pissed off he is at the "African" Americans here, as well as how happy he is to live in a Country that doesn't (for the time being at least:(), want to kill, torture, harm, etc., him or his Family for not falling in line with big gubment beliefs.

    I'll take him ANY DAY here vs the lazy, worthless, murderous, you owe me some free shit, trash blacks we have who can legally vote.

    I laughed after getting out of his cab. He said, "In Africa? We wouldn't take these blacks from America. We would probably kill them vs deal with them." Was SO stunning to hear this from again, a REAL African American...

    This guy didn't know me from Adam, nor my political beliefs. He said what he said without me saying a word. All I did is buckle up, and listen to what he said. And what he said, imo, is no bullshit.

    He was surprised with the tip, just as I was surprised with his upbringing, reasoning, and common sense...
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