Structure of the S@P pit

Discussion in 'Trading' started by jwecme, Jun 17, 2006.

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    Hi , first post so forgive me if it has already been covered.

    I was wondering if anyone knew the structure in terms of trading size of the SP emini and full contract. Is it dominated by 10 or so large locals or is it completely fragmented. Are there any super traders accounting for large amounts of the vol like say Borsellino did back in the day? If so does anyone know who they are and how long they have been trading.

  2. get a trial to the S+P squawk box ... maybe email the people

    there who give the "live call" of the trading action
  3. The S&P pit has no relevance anymore. All the business is in the Emini.
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    You may not be able to find relevance, but I can. Watching the SP and having access to some of the info that is happening on the floor definitely makes me trade better. I don't think it is necessary, but it sure does help.

    I will be very sad when they close the S&P pit someday. :(