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  2. your body fat % will probably be at 60% if you do not do something about controlling your intake soon.

    i can't stand your type of thinking. believe it or not, there are actually people on planet earth who know how, and have the discipline to, eat/exercise right. when you do this, it is ok to eat WHATEVER YOU DAMN PLEASE sometimes. if i want to eat something "bad" for me every now and then, a company should be able to produce it. it's YOUR problem if you can't control yourself, have no idea how to eat right, and let yourself turn into a fat slob.
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    Nitro, it's all about calories. If you ate 5k calories a day of which 90% of those calories are from carbs, you would be sick. The movie was a scam. Complete set up. All I think this movie is going to do is give McDonalds the best free advertising money can buy.
  4. FALSE.

    get ripped and tell me that's true. you will not get ripped with this type of thinking. when you can't lose fat anymore, come back and ask me what happened. i see out of shape "experts" all the time stating this garbage.

    calorie estimations are important and it is the starting point for how i manage my diet, BUT THERE IS MORE TO IT THAN THAT.

    humans EVOLVED to SURVIVE. if you just don't eat food, your body will think you're starving and you will burn fat slower because that's what kept cave men alive.

    the human body IS NOT A LIGHTBULB THAT CONSTANTLY USES 40 WATTS OF POWER OR SOMETHING. it changes according to what is happening to it.

  5. An acquaintance of mine staged a puke in at a London McDonals. A bunch of people went to MCDs, ate, and then swallowd purgatives. They vomitted until they were kicked out with refunds and appologies.
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    GG, you misread my post. I am not talking about getting ripped. My post said if you eat 5k calories a day in which 4k of those are carbs, you are going to get sick. It's that simple. I don't know any bodybuilder that is ripped that eats 4k calories of carbs a day. I do know bodybuilders that eat 4k to 6k calories of which 80% of those are protein, not carbs. Next time read my post before you respond.
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    Rowenwood, do you think cocaine is bad for you? What about speed, crystal meth, heroin? See, I don't care what people do to their bodies. If you want smoke and die of lung cancer, fine. If you want to drink like a fish until your liver shrivels up and stops working, fine. You want to eat until you can't get out of your chair fine. You want to shoot up between your toes, go for it. Stop pushing this freaking socialized nanny state you want so bad. Let people do what they want to do. They have to pay the consequences, not you.
  8. exactly.

    if someone can buy ice cream, someone should be able to buy weed.

    furthermore, let's make skydiving illegal, since you might die from it (sarcasm).

    the world is f*cked up.
  9. You misunderstand me. I protest against MCD because of their environmental wrongdoings. I want people to die. The world is overpopulated. Nanny state? I support environmentally friendly warfare. I support evironmentally friendly modes of death. You seem to be incapable of understanding my point of view.
  10. btw, i am in favor of having calorie information available to customers. like if i order a pizza, i think it's a good idea that i could easily find out what's in it, how many calories, etc. either on a piece of paper or on the company's web site, etc.

    however, you can do it through government regulation, or let companies do it on their own. maybe a company would attract business because it chooses to list info about its food.

    anyway, companies should still be able to make WHATEVER FOOD THEY WANT. mega super duper ultra fat nitro can't control himself size or whatever....
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