Strongest trending markets?

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    This is a pretty broad question but I don't know how else to ask it. Lets say you pull up a 100 day chart for various instruments in the stock, futures, and forex markets. Short term volatility aside, which markets will show the strongest trends in long term price action?

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    You might get some answers here, but there's already a lot written on this subject on other threads. Use ET's "search" feature.
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    Thats a good study area, accurate options data can be difficult to find.

    Lots of ways to measure a trend, worked for an outfit whose name wont be mentioned ,
    their contract business had the plan , which they worked, with about 8 people;
    ''big or small we do it all'':cool:

    Have to factor in a personality, & Wisdom,discretion also;
    leave the soybean spikes to Rich Dennis,
    let Don Bright Trading get the small scalps /bid ask:D

    Like to study 10 year charts also;
    study stock sector like LEH,BOT,TRAD, ISE,CME.....Not a stock tip.

    Zoom in then , to smaller chart time frame ,;
    like a 2x7 variable scope on deer rifle,
    including but not limited to underlying stock.:cool:
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    Interesting writing style you have murray, like a poem with smiley faces at the end of each part :)

    A search on trending markets brought up way too many threads with little relevance to my question. I know it's talked about a lot, but I couldn't find anything that focused on the same angle that I have asked here (markets that tend to show strong trends over a 100 day timeframe) Does anyone have any opinions to offer?

  5. They're out there. Very, very good markets/indexes to trade. But you need to find them. See attached cash indexes. You need to unzip the file since it has 8 charts/files.
  6. Here's another. This index kicked butt in the last couple of months!
  7. What is in the DB file?

    I can't open it.


  8. You want a list of the current strongest trends that have been in such a trend as a long term price action...

    What's your definition of long term.

    A few weeks, few months or few years ???

    Also, are you only talking about Uptrends or can you include Downtrends???

    By the way...what markets do you currently have access to via your data provider (very important question)???

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  9. My point with my prior question is that you've asked a broad question without definining what a Long Term Trend is.

    In addition, I've seen some well discussed threads in the past here at ET about markets that are trending.

    Yes...I do understand that those markets may not be currently trending enough for you and may be why they have little relevance to you or its possible we are clueless to exactly what your looking for...

    Especially since you used the words same angle as to imply your looking for something with specific price action characteristics.

    With that said...I've attached a chart of what I consider to be a market in a long term uptrend and don't assume I'm implying this uptrend will continue.

    Hopefully the weekly chart of the price action since Jan 2003 represents what you meant by as a long term trend market.

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  10. I've attached another chart of what I consider to be a trading instrument in a long term price decline and I'm not implying that the downtrend will continue eventhough I've been holding a very small short position in this market since Jan 2003 only because I'm using it as a hedge against the cost of living abroad.

    Does this trading instrument have the characteristics of what your looking for as a long term trending market???

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