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  1. DOW: broke out today. will go higher. The government can manipulate this one easily..

    YRCW: continues to be strong.

    MBI: this tiny one can break $7 if market is a little bit stronger.
    BIDU: upgraded again, new YTD high, nice stock.
  2. JOYG: above $42, trying to break $43 level. Has been trying to break this level a number of times..
  3. LVS: got another upgrade, They really want to pull this one up

    MGM: shorts gave up, continues to be strong.
  4. CHINA: above ma-50, pulled back a lot from $3.48 beginning last month and $3.92 at end of July.
  5. CLNE: ascending triple top break out.
  6. AIG: strong today too, next resistance is $43.73. Tons of shorts here. If market turns green, the squeeze will be strong...
  7. AIG: high of day coming.......
  8. HIG: ready to go above $25..CEO made good comments about the business last week.........
  9. X: ready for high of day..........
  10. AAPL: high of day....strong today even when the market was weak earlier...they want a $200 stamp for AAPL.
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