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Discussion in 'Stocks' started by cybercash28, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. A few strong stocks today, a deep deep red painful day to look at the tape:

    AMZN is very strong. If market is stroner, it will break $67.37

    SYNA closed above ma-50 on good volume. Short interest is extremely high

    FCX continues to show strength

    GLD found support at ma-50 and took off today, first green day after many down days.

    GTU: wow, look at the volatility.

    FDO: key ma-50 support was the golden entry point. Wait for pullback at break out point around $29.4 for entry point.
  2. bidu
  3. Yes, BIDU has been doing very well. Some gold stocks like AEM too.

    I hope they swap weak financial stocks C, BA and replace these with GS, V, MA.

    How about replace them with FAZ, SKF, SDS, the index will sure look

    ISRG announced buy back. This is a great stock at a very good price. Way oversold.
  4. CPRT, very interesting one...
  5. gaj


  6. Many stocks are above the November lows, but the sp00z is free falling. Financials spoiling the entire market.
  7. MON is good... worth more than POT today!
  8. AMZN broke out today. Very strong.

    FCX continues to move up.

    SYNA moving up slowly but surely.

    AKA: moving to $18.89