Strong comeback of quality finacial stocks

Discussion in 'Trading' started by hajimow, Jan 23, 2008.

  1. GS, WB,..... amazing comeback.
    IYR is also up 5%.
  2. Corey


    BAC has had a nice run too!

    BAC was a steal back @ 32 for long term investors. With a 6.5%+ dividend (largest EVER) and being one of the largest banks in the US ... I mean, it was a no-brainer for the ROTH.
  3. Definitely not a time to short quality financial stocks for long term.
    daytrading is different.
  4. Bowgett


    I missed it at @32 but grabbed it at 33 and change but now I am puzzled what to do with it :)
  5. It's called a bounce of beaten down financial stocks!
  6. Corey


    That is probably because the low was 33.12. No wonder you didn't get in at 32! :D
  7. S2007S


    UYG, had an impressive run as well up over 10%

    Bought last week at 33.50 sold today at 37.00

    will wait patiently for the next pullback below 32.00
  8. Bowgett


    You are right :) I just checked it. I guess this was a lucky one.
  9. Bowgett


    Already sold? I am still holding. Remember we might have more cuts next week and then I might sell.
  10. How long do you think they can keep paying that divvy?
    #10     Jan 23, 2008