Stripper tax proposed!

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  1. N.Y. Lawmaker Proposes 'Stripper' Tax

    Bronx Dem Felix Ortiz, Responsible For Nation's First Cell Phone While Driving Law, Targets Gentleman's Clubs
    ALBANY (CBS) ―

    You might call it a pole tax.

    The New York legislator who brought the nation its first law against driving while using a cell phone now proposes a $10 tax for patrons of nude and seminude dance clubs and strip bars.

    Assemblyman Felix Ortiz, a Bronx Democrat, says the revenue would go to helping victims of human trafficking.

    The bill, which has no Senate sponsor yet, would be a way to fund such additional spending at a time of fiscal crisis and double-digit deficits.

    "Monies generated have the potential to be a tremendous boost to these groups," Ortiz said. "Through this bill, New York state will continue to forge a path for other states to follow."

    The bill calls for the $10-per-patron for any so-called adult entertainment business that serves food and drink and presents nude or partly nude dancers. The proceeds will go to services for victims of the illegal sex trade, Ortiz said, at a time when government budgets are being slashed.

    In Texas, state lawyers are fighting to preserve their $5 "pole tax," a cover charge on strip clubs, which is being challenged by business owners. The Texas Legislature approved the fee in 2007, hoping to spend the money on sexual assault and health insurance programs, but a state judge tossed out the fee as an unconstitutional infringement on free speech. State lawyers have appealed.
  2. How they pretend to boost the ailing economy, if they pretend to tax such basic, vital needs?

  3. Gubmint out to tax anything that moves.
  4. And they really move!
    (the strippers)
  5. NY lawmaker is obviously crazy or gay. Probably both.
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    Maybe instead of in the stock market they should put an uptick rule in strip clubs, the more your dingaling upticks, the more you pay. :p
  7. Fine with it. "gentleman" that go to these clubs are smart enough to drop thousands a night on girls feigning interest in them, so i doubt they'll even notice an extra 10 bucks to get in. I'd like to see a progressive tax on this though because your local shitty-titty doesn't bring in the kind of cash that an upscale white collar club does.

    I'm all for the government taxing non-productive activities in times like these. Gambling, sporting events, porn, anything recreational in nature should be taxed, and taxed heavily right now. With the extra income coming in from this, taxes on real tangible-product producing businesses and fundamentals (like gasoline) could be lowered, facilitating growth.
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    shit this is gonna cost me an extra 90 dollars a week
  9. Nothing good has ever come from the Bronx.
  10. You go twice a day on weekends? :D
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