Stripped in Oklahoma City Airport Security

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  1. Nice 52 year old wheel chair-bound woman in her underwear at a TSA checkpoint.

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    They let her through. [​IMG]
  2. Un-fucking-believable.

  3. She voluntarily came to the airport like that;contentBody

    Tammy Banovac, Protesting TSA Pat-Downs, Confronts Airport Security in Bra and Panties

    OKLAHOMA CITY (CBS/KWTV) Tammy Banovac is obviously one airline passenger who doesn't believe in flying under the radar.

    The Oklahoma City woman, a retired surgeon who uses a wheelchair, tried to clear security at the Will Rogers World Airport Tuesday wearing just a bra and panties - all the while, clutching a small, white pooch.

    People noticed.

    According to The Oklahoman, the 52-year-old Banovac arrived at the airport wearing a trenchcoat, but disrobed when it came time to go through security - an incident captured by a fellow flier and posted on YouTube.

    Banovac chose the more than half-naked approach because she claims she had previously had an unpleasant "hands-on" experience at the airport, reported The Oklahoman.

    She says that typically she is hand-searched because she uses a wheelchair; however, she feels violated due to the more invasive searches that have recently been employed.
    "If it happened anywhere else, it would have been sexual assault," Banovac told the newspaper.

    Airport spokeswoman Karen Carney told CBS affiliate KWTV that on Tuesday Banovac refused to go through the metal detector after she had stripped down on her own, and that's why she was once again subjected to a search that included the pat-down.

    When TSA agents investigated, they say they found traces of nitrate residue on her body, which Carney said could be from medication, or from hunting, among other fairly common things.

    After more than an hour of hand searches and questioning, Banovac missed her flight to Phoenix.

    She said a TSA supervisor told her to leave the airport and "come back tomorrow," according to The Oklahoman.

    Then early Wednesday morning, an unabashed Banovac did indeed return to the airport, where she once again confronted security in only a bra and panties. However, this time she passed the TSA test, and was allowed to board her flight - after putting on a shirt, that is.
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    There was another one like her last week, wore a bikini through. Of course, all security people know that women have two "avenues" for "suitcasing" items. ; )
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    She has a pretty sweet body for a 52 year old, but the face leaves something to be desired...... shes got the crazy eyes.
  6. I think her face looks good, but that's supported with make-up and possibly Botox.
    Her eyes look sad. [​IMG]
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    I'd hit it.
  8. Mars Attacks!!!

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    Her eyes look like she is batshit crazy in my opinion, look at the video from 0:35 seconds, she is either wacked out on some kind of crazy meds/meth, or she is batshit crazy. The eyes tell no lies my friend, botox may have caused something like this, though to my knowledge botox does not cause your lower eyelid to roll back into your nostrils, and your upper eye lid to roll back to the inside of your skull.

    Lots of people have eyes that are wide open, but people who have eyes like that where they look like they are off their rocker are very seldom sane, the post Zhivodka posted above is a good example of the crazy eyes.

    My opinion on her sanity may be biased as she is sitting half naked at the airport secority checkpoint.
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