String Theory

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  1. When is the next installment of the series?

    Did anyone see last night show?
    Honestly, it was too simplistic.
  2. I didn't catch the show, but I was up at Columbia University near 110'th street this weekend and it was a thrill to know that Brian Greene was probably nearby. I'd like to get my book autographed but I'm sure he is busy with equations and such ...
  3. 11/4

    i would recommend, "the elegant universe" book to people interested in this stuff. although the tv show has cool graphics, the book gives more examples of things and is more in depth. plus, the tv show so far has pretty much bypassed some of my favorite parts of the book relating to time.

    i think brian greene is cool, though. he has a new book coming out, btw.
  4. LOL, maybe he's thinking about the Camarilla equation .
  5. After watching the first two hours of the program (which are available online in quicktime format for those of you who have not watched it yet), it seems that many of the scientists involved in string theory realize that this is an untestable theory.

    If that is so, then are these scientists now playing more of the philosopher role than the scientist role? There is obviously a lot of work being done on the mathematics, but ultimately if the theory cannot be proven correct or incorrect, then do we say that science must look elsewhere *OR* might we conclude that we have reached the end of science in that particular field (unraveling the micro-scale to the fullest)?

    Also, if the universe is composed of nothing but energetic strings vibrating in different ways through 11 dimensions, what exactly is "space" and are there "space messenger particles" that compose the fabric of space and time?

    Is there something still smaller than the strings? If there is, could it be possible that we're looking down and seeing an infinite amount of turtles on each other's backs?
  6. can string theory help you trade better? :)
  7. i think universe is held together with chicken wire and chewing gum [i could be wrong] :(