String theory Creator - Multiverse or else Design seems to win

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    Father of string theory admits that if we do not accept multiverse than science hard pressed to answer ID.

    If we do not accept the landscape idea are we stuck with intelligent design?

    I doubt that physicists will see it that way. If, for some unforeseen reason, the landscape turns out to be inconsistent - maybe for mathematical reasons, or because it disagrees with observation - I am pretty sure that physicists will go on searching for natural explanations of the world. But I have to say that if that happens, as things stand now we will be in a very awkward position. Without any explanation of nature's fine-tunings we will be hard pressed to answer the ID critics. One might argue that the hope that a mathematically unique solution will emerge is as faith-based as ID.
  2. unfortunately for bible thumpers even if id were true it does not bring the bible any closer to being true. id could just as easily have been done by Zeus.
  3. Thanks for this contribution. Since it was not my Father who made this seeming world, it's fair to speculate about what kind of "intelligence" seems to make it. Zeus on crack is an apt description.

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    You are one funny guy

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    hey the bible being true independent of this thread.

    I just thought it was interesting that you could either observe that universe must be designed or have hope and faith that there are multiple universes.

    And this is coming from the best minds in physics.
  6. Coming from the best minds in Heaven, here's a viewpoint. You "live" -ha ha - in a "universe" in which light can either be a particle or a wave depending on the perceiver. This is a big clue for you. The beliefs held in the mind of the perceiver determine what he sees.

    This "world" is built, quite literally, on beliefs in "separation", "sin", "death", "guilt" and "fear". For clarity, I will define sin as Seriously Insane Notions. One example of such notions would be that you can be separate from God, or that thoughts can leave the mind of the thinker.

    Take away "sin", and this world goes away. Seen through the eyes of innocence, the particles become waves. You see something else using vision.

    There is one mind misperceiving -judging- through six billion sets of eyeballs. Behind the eyeballs are beliefs in sins, causing the eyeballs to be blind. There is nothing you can "see" that is not an illusion.

    When you see the mind behind the six billion eyeballs as innocent, you heal them and yourself. Thus, the blind will see, and you will be their savior. Otherwise, you bind yourself to this illusion for as long as you believe such notions. Theoretically, that could be forever, for everything you see is "designed" to deceive you.

    Salvation is for the mind.

    When you forgive effectively, you literally begin to see past the illusion. You must see past - overlook - sins and see the illusion behind them in order to forgive effectively. Not one set of eyeballs can be seen as "guilty", or you remain here with them.

    Which do you prefer, particles or waves? The good news is you will make effective choices in due time.