strike on iraq

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    Sept. 6 — British media reported Friday that 100 British and American planes have launched the biggest air attack on Iraq in four years, possibly foreshadowing the early stages of a future U.S. invasion to oust Saddam Hussein. President Bush, meanwhile, used telephone diplomacy Friday to try to persuade three skeptical nations — China, Russia and France — that action against Baghdad is urgently needed.
  2. source!?

    crude is up over a dollar, so that concurs. gold (XAU) making highs...
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    the market ran up HUGE during the Kuwait invasion.

    long and strong
  4. Can congress impeach a president for starting an illegal war??

    I'd think they could, if they can impeach bill for getting a hummer.

    Who is pulling this guy's strings anyway?? We seem to never get to the bottom of that - is Dick in charge, or is there someone else we're missing??

    I just want to know who's calling the shots, so I know who to blame when it all goes down.
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    we should use knowledge to our advantage.

    regardless of war, the news in itelf will be bullish for the market.
  6. Its not illegal bung. The president is the commander and chief of the armed forces and he can order an attack on anybody at any time as long as he is willing to face the political consequences.
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    How about old dad? Unfinished fued. Saddam has sons too. I can see this going on for generations.

    My solution would be to take Big George, Dubya, Saddam, and his active sons. Put 'em in a ring and let 'em slug it out. Tag team style. Get Jeb in there too. Chasinfla could be their cornerman.

    Daniel_M would make a fine referee, and MrSubliminal can be the guy that says "Let's get ready to ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuumble"

    Fasterpussycat could ring the bell.

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    "Lawmakers urged President Bush to get their support before any invasion, even though White House advisers say congressional assent is not legally required."

    From USATODAY.

    "If invoked, the War Powers Act, passed in 1973 late in the Vietnam War, would prohibit the president from waging war for more than 60 days without congressional approval or a declaration of war by Congress."

    From USATODAY same article..
  9. LOL - that's great, dude.

    I think we should make brother Pussy wear a bikini and strut out between rounds, holding up the numbers for each round.

    Maybe we could pin a little kitty tail on his ass, too, to make him look even cuter.

    He'll have to shave his legs, though, but I'm guessing that won't be a problem.
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