Strike Launches Bitcoin Payment Services in Argentina to Kick-Start Latin American Expansion

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    prolly nothing...

    Strike Launches Bitcoin Payment Services in Argentina to Kick-Start Latin American Expansion
    The company plans to expand into Brazil and Colombia in 2022.
    By Andrés Engler
    Jan 11, 2022 at 12:01 p.m. PST
    Updated Jan 11, 2022 at 12:12 p.m. PST


    Strike CEO Jack Mallers (Eva Marie Uzcategui/Bloomberg)

    Bitcoin's Lightning Network-powered app Strike has launched its services in Argentina.

    • The company said Tuesday that Argentines will be able to make bitcoin remittance payments, receive bitcoin tips on Twitter and use Strike's peer-to-peer transaction services.
    • Argentina is the first step in a 2022 Latin American expansion that will include Brazil, Colombia and "other Latin American markets," the company added in a statement. The company launched its payment app in El Salvador last March.
    • Strike is currently working with merchants, consumers and individuals in Argentina, according to the statement. So far, the company has launched initial integrations and activations in the southern city of San Martin de los Andes, located in Patagonia.
    • The company quadrupled its Latin American team for its Argentina start and plans to continue hiring in the region.
    • "Argentina is one of the most exciting countries for building the Bitcoin economy, leveraging Bitcoin as both a superior asset and a superior payments network," Strike founder and CEO Jack Mallers said in the statement.
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  2. maxinger


    Strike will be very rich.
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  3. johnarb


    Yes, the company and Jack Mallers will be very rich and Jack is already very rich afaik

    Strike is just a phone app

    I have it installed on my Android phone, transferred a little bit of money from my debit card to it a few months ago

    The Strike app can hold $ or bitcoin, so I'm holding $ on the app and it has not fluctuated even a penny for months

    In an instant, I can convert my $ balance to bitcoin and transfer out the bitcoin. I think up to $1,000 of btc purchase per week with no fees
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  4. maxinger


    pity those who bought BTC at 68k just a few weeks ago.
    Now its value dropped by 30%.

    conversely ....
  5. johnarb


    Yes, we have to pity the ones who can perfectly buy the top price of any asset

    Pity those who bought ZM at 451 now it's 175

    Pity those who bought PTON at 171 now it's 36

    Pity those who bought NVDA at 346 now it's 278

    But wait, what about the people who bought NVDA at 115 last year or BTC at 30K last year?
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  6. Ed48


    With BTC, 30% is noise. :D
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  7. 2rosy


    its more than a phone app. It uses the lightning network to transfer bitcoin without the bitcoin blockchain doing all its slowness and cost. Lightning lets you write bitcoin smart contracts that make this possible.

    It's first mover advantage. Crypto space is like mid to late '90s
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  8. johnarb


    Yea, I need to utilize the app more but it's a custodial wallet

    I think the Strike app can send bitcoin to either main net or lightning

    For lightning transactions, I prefer the open-source BlueWallet lightning app connected to my Umbrel bitcoin and lightning node

    For regular bitcoin transactions, I use an Electrum wallet as "staging wallet"

    Speed is instant when sending lightning btc payments but as far as fees, there is little difference since bitcoin main net transaction fees are 1 satoshi right now

    I have not seen the bitcoin transaction fee go higher than 10 satoshis per byte for medium priority in many months!