Strictness of Regulators

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    My question concerns which regulators of brokerage firms are the strictest among the fifty states and in other countries starting with Canada. If you read my other thread, I must report that FINRA refused to do anything about alleged violations of rules. Therefore, I would like to consider doing business with the office of a broker in a foreign country where regulation is by the government and not an industry group like FINRA and is stricter for all customers. I believe there are people at this site who could answer me knowledgeably. The broker about whom I complained is not one who supports this site. I am not interested in hearing further from the poster Rodney King or being insulted or pumped for info about the nature of my complaint, which anyone would take as most unwelcome. I've asked FINRA why they would not act, they are sending me a letter, and I will post about it soon. Moderators, I think there should be a thread or faq about whom to contact to have rules enforced outside of arbitration and which agencies do what: SEC, FINRA, the new credit one, etc.. It's very difficut to search through years of extraneous threads mentioning agencies to find such info, especially as to the strictness of regulation. Bar associations, e.g., do little unless something is egregious or could become a scandal.