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    I've developed a strategy that going back to 1979 has returned average year to date 54.10% or %1406.5 in 26 years for Eur / Usd.
    (working on usd jpy)

    Now thats without compounding
    i.e. trading 1 lot every trade since 1979

    Avg winner: 619 pips
    Avg Loser: 268 pips

    Total of 70 trades
    with 1 open (short at 1.2552)

    Now to gain credibility this strategy needs a minimum of 1 year live trading. The downside is for small accounts. Average is 2.69 trades per year and if you have a $500 dollar account thats peanuts.

    Strictly mechanical system?
    No, just for testing purposes. Implementing a sound pyramiding money management system is key. Adding only to positions in profit already.


    Point of this thread is to show that, forex is not as hard as people believe.
    Use a longer time frame, don't use 100:1 leverage and don't over trade.
    Then this market will seem more tradable in the long term.
  2. Good for you, Naz9403!

    The simplier approach IS better.

    Trade on a demo tho for the year, just to make sure. Records are still the same.

    Best regards!

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    Heres what the backtest summary looks like
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    here is the Usd/Jpy
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    This is just the mechanical test, traded real time results are better because when a position is in profit i'll add another position. Up to 5 additions are common on one trade signal.
    Working on getting the data for usd cad

    I like to stay away from gbp usd and usd chf since they pretty much follow eur usd's path.

    Long term trending with forex is hugely profitable and if you can pyramid correctly, one trend can produce thousands as the backtest shows only partially since 1 lot was traded.

    Many who try forex are stuck on the intraday fast moves and combined with high leverage is not surprising at all people say this market is extremely hard to trade.
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    Usd Jpy still not really in a true upward trend yet
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    Here is what a previous upward trending usd jpy looked like
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  8. K.C.


    How much was EUR in 1979 ???
  9. naz9403


    December of 1979 euro was in the 1.40-1.45 range
  10. That's funny. The Euro didn't even exist until the mid 90s.
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