stress-testing an option position

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    Maybe this is a type of stress test that can be done by your analysis but not broker's software: You can randomly generate stock price paths and visualize the PnL changes overtime.
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  2. That is true. I could certainly do a Monte Carlo type analysis that I doubt the typical broker software would do
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  3. Here's a set of P&L curves for the above mentioned diagonal call spread, along the lines you were thinking.

    In this case, I vary the strip volatility up (+vol) or down (-vol) by 1%/day. So over the course of 15 days, that's +/- 15%.

    The green curve just shows the P&L of the -vol case at 16 DTE (day 0).

    Definitely kind of interesting to look at. I'm pushing the limits of what one can/should do in a spreadsheet. :confused:

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    Hrmm, after reading what you typed above, something clicked in me...You have a bit of OCD in you, don't you? i can finally see it. You hide it well on the phone, but man it is coming out here. :)
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    Looks like TastyTrade just went back to fix the problem ... and made it worse ... today's Market Measure on "Expected Move" for SPY with Spot = 420 / IV = 19.3% / DTE = 34 Days

    The basic approximation formula would suggest that the Expected Move is :
    Spot 420 x IV 19.3% x Sqrt(34/365) = 24.70 points

    TastyTrade proprietary formula = 13.60 points

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