Stress Test: The Most Critical Release in US Economic History??

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    The Event

    On Thursday afternoon, May 7th, the Federal Reserve will release the results of stress tests conducted on 19 large U.S. financial institutions. The exact timing of the release is unclear as of this report. However, it will likely be at the close of U.S. equity markets at 4:00 PM EST. The banks themselves are being advised today, May 6th, directly of the results.


    This non recurring release is a critical picture of the fundamental health of the top U.S. financial institutions. The release will make public detailed loss projections and capital needs of each of the 19 tested banks. Many months of debate have occurred previously to determine the optimal way to reveal this data to the public. I consider this to be one of the most important economic releases in history deserving of the utmost caution when trading during the statement.

    The government will divide banks into 3 categories with the 1st being those earning a clean bill of health. This category will receive governmental encouragement to investors to feel safe investing with. The second category will be those institutions that will be forced to strengthen their capital reserves. These are unstable institutions in which investors may be forced to accept common ..........
  2. The people that need to know, all ready know.
  3. It would appear that everyone knows, based on market action.
  4. It's already been strategically leaked. Non event.
  5. CET


    You must be smoking some good shit. This whole exercise is a joke. No rules. No accounting standards.
  6. interesting. yeah, looks like a BUY THE RUMOUR, sell the NEWS ??-

    has the actual release time been set yet??
  7. Some early results (prelim stuff) was leaked yesterday late evening.

    The actual overall results is schedule for release "after" the closing bell today.

    I wouldn't be surprise if there's more leaks during today's trading session prior to the close.

  8. any minute now?
  9. lol