Stress Test Results Tomorrow

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  1. Fellow traders, this is a set up. The big players are positioning themselves for the results, the government has and always does tip them off in advance.

    Pay attention to the market action. I suspect it’s going to all be good. The government has proved it will go to great lengths to deceive the masses. So pay attention please.

    Turn off the stupid financial networks, all they try and do is plant seeds in your mind. The power of suggestion is a powerful tool. Turn on your favorite music instead.
  2. Daal


    Details will be probably leaked
  3. 19 of the biggest banks passed the stress test
  4. word-is 3 failed.

    There have to be a few sacrificial lambs.
  5. Why doesn't FDIC stress test itself?
  6. Guys, come on. Giving the stress tests after dumping so many billions into the banks is the same as giving the answers for a no child left behind test. You already know the testee will pass. Granted, some of the banks have probably turned it around. A real stress test would be to test the banks after 6 months during which they did not receive gov't money (debt).
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    Who passed what?

    Where do you guys get this news