Stress Test Leak: Fed Is Said to Seek Capital for at Least Six Banks After Tests

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  1. You gotta love it.

    First Leak: All Banks Pass

    Second Leak: Citi Fails Stress Test

    Third Leak: Citi and BOA Fail Stress Test

    Fourth Leak: Six Banks Fail Street Test

    ...Using deductive reasoning...

    Seventh Leak: All Banks Fail and banking system is insolvent, to collapse without explicit Fed support.
  2. This whole process has made my head spin. You couldn't even write this shit.
  3. Key wording "at least"
  4. Mvic


    These guys are clearly still in panic mode with all these stupid games.
  5. ya this is like something out of a saturday night live skit. unbelievable.

    if it is indeed leaked, how the fcuk did it get leaked ? did it by accident slip out of bernanke's briefcase while walking through the white house, may one of obama's daughter scooped it up and emailed it to wall street journal.
  6. The moron executives at the banks. Why they pre-released this shit to them is just I mean......I'm done trying to figure it out.
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    Well lets think about this. The Fed will have to have the banks raise capital. They must pressure them... why? Because with m2m changes, these banks will sit on this toxic junk and become zombies. They will never sell this junk at a loss. The only way to get any of them participate in ppip is to force them. How can you force them? Stress test.
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    If the stress test is actually done right, in an unbiased manner, it would be great for the future health of our financial system. If it is put on just for show, then we're just stuck treading poo. I won't believe it is being done right til I see it.
  9. There is another way : nationalization. No pressure. Just "take over". :D
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