Stress damage to traders

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  1. Is there any study to see results of Chronic stress in traders?What their brains look like?Are there any scans of trader's brains?

    How many end up with M E , depression and heart diseases?

    How does stress of losing work against you?

    Scientific study on stress .Great video worth watching

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  2. Marty Schwartz mentioned in his book "Pit Bull" that stress from trading was a huge factor for him, to the point that he became physically ill at times. He also mentioned an opponent in the trading championship he competed in basically died from trading stress (there were probably other contributing factors).

    I think lifestyle is a big deal for traders and they should be just as concerned about their health as what charting package they use.

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    Moral of the story - Good night sleep, eat healthy, exercise regularly and take time outs during your trading day. Yet, if you think something is wrong...see your doctor and possibly your psychologist.

  4. How do stress responses affect trading and decision making?Do the stress responses interfere , if the market is going against you ?Do these stress responses make you get out faster than you should?

    If after a losing streak , trader is a bit depressed on the trading front , does the stress of current trading make the trader more depressed?
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    You should read some of the "personal" or "trader psychology" commentary within the trade journals @ involving those that have specifically stated that the reason why they started a trade journal was to help them stick to whatever trading plan they may have.

    Although the journal starters don't use the "stress"'s obviously there big time. Further, in one particular journal by fickletrader, he list his current "ideal foundation daily routine" that includes exercise, healthy eating, daytime and evening routines. Although he doesn't use the "stress" word...he clearly is aware of it and has developed a routine to control the stress while trading.

    My point, its obvious how stress impacts trading or any other decision making process during time sensitive tasks (there's been many studies of such although not specific to traders). Some traders are pro-active in controlling it while others are blind to the impact of stress.

    Also, everybody is unique and have different experience levels with stress. Thus, for some they may panic (stress) and get out of a trade position prior to a profit target. Others may just freeze in the exact same stressful situation and do nothing...allowing a profitable trade to retrace and result as a loser.

    As for depression. If someone recognizes they are depressed or told by those close to him/her that it's depression they see...stop trading and then go get some professional help (see your psychologist or similar profession). Simply, trading and depression is a BIG FAT warning sign to STOP TRADING.

    It's also a time for a vacation or time away from the markets when depressed.

  6. PPl also die from playing vdeo games. The point is, if you want to be healthy, moderation is the key. Too many top Wall Streeter have poor cardio health.

    Btw, did you know that doctors have the poorest health out of non-trading professions? If you want to get healthy, why do you go to someone unhealthy to treat you?
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    Very true and a known fact amongst health professions about their high ranking stress profession.

  8. A shot of wine once a day does the trick for me :)
  9. Cause he has the license to treat you , yet that licence possibly cost him his health.
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