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    Been trading for four-ish years and limited-ly consistantly profitable. I find myself getting increasingly stressed out while/after trading. I start at the comp 1hr before 9:30am cash open and usually end an hour after. Its usually a half hour after open or so when Im doing my peak equities/scalping that I get really stressed out and that it ruins me for the rest of the day. I get a tight ball of stress in my neck which transfers to the rest of my body and wreaks havoc there. Besides doing biofeedback that B. Steenbarger mentions like getting a HR monitor, what else can I do? I do a hot to cold shower before trading, stretch, and do a bulletproof coffee. Im thinking it could be the coffee which Ima swap out for black tea. Other ideas because this is ruining my QOL...
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  2. look up functional fitness training. I think the stuff associated with neck , back fitness could work wonders for you. Your health is super important in this business, good luck.
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    Breathe. It's so easy to forget to breathe. Try yoga to learn deep breathing.

    Also it might be your chair/posture. Are you doing the turtle head? Raise your monitor?

    Set up a cam and film yourself during a session. You will be shocked when you watch it.

    I had a terrible case of sciatica. I filmed myself at my desk, and was surprised to see myself turtle-heading in a contorted position bc of an old wooden non-adjustable chair.
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    Lol funny enough I have the most functional fitness routine youve ever seen that ive followed for like 4 years.
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    Okay that reminds me to re download a box breathing app. Forgot.
    It could be that I am not breathing enough. I crank up my desk to standing for market open.
    Weirdly enough, my buddy who is a shrink also recommended I setup a cam to see where I carry my stress and I didnt notice anything at all. I look calm. I cant tell my breathing as I move around quite a bit but can only imagine its not optimal. Thinking its the breathing and mindfulness TBH. Thanks for response!
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    I switched to swing trading. Much less stress.
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    Breathing is very important. In yoga you learn to breathe and release, breathe into a stretch, and let the tension go. You must breathe while you trade!

    Especially in your style of trading, I can envision you standing before your terminal, gasping breaths, jaw clenched, eyes bulging, as you scalp. I've been there.

    Is there a lot of stress in your jaw now? Gently open your mouth wide and roll your head around. Do you feel it? Are you grinding your teeth while sleeping?

    I find it also helps to take a brisk early-morning walk first thing, before I shower, eat, or touch my computer.

    Yes do give up coffee.
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    HAH! Just as stressful. Just longer term, for me at least. Sometimes it goes on for WEEKS. A real pain in the ass.
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  10. Swing trading is more profitable also.
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