Strength training with new 3/7 method gives superior results

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  1. Also looking to use this on bodyweight exercises to get some strentgh back before hitting heavier weights.

    3/7 push ups to get total 50 but in chunks. Nice mix in on lighter beginnings
    3/7 body weight squats just to get my knees lubricated and back of legs activated

    Have not had time to lift today but will do it tonight with bicep curls and bent over rows i think.
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  2. LacesOut


    I have done it the last 2 days.
    Lower body yesterday and upper body today.
    Made a few changes, ex. Did 3x7 on triceps and then immediately did 3x7 biceps. And repeated it 3 times. Did same on shoulder/chest and then lats/core.
    Fuck it was hard.
    And my legs are extra sore today.
    Those 6 and 7 reps are really tough especially in the 2nd and 3rd sets.
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    @LacesOut, I think it was clarified earlier that you only have to do 2 sets total, not three. But hey, if you want to do a third set, go for it. :D
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  4. I tried it out this morning with Lat Pull-down. I used too light of a weight. First round was easy, as the was the second, the third a little tougher but still too easy. Did a fourth with an additional 10 lbs and it still wasn't all that hard considering it was the fourth round. I think the problem was I really don't know what my one rep max is for this movement, so I guessed off of what I use for reps in my normal workout which is 140lbs. I don't really test myself for one rep maxes at this stage of the game. I'll add some weight next time around and see what happens.
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  5. Considerably more difficult with the appropriate weight. Whew.
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  6. On the other hand, other research suggests that longer rest periods are more conducive to muscle growth:


    I'd still like to know who came up with the 3/7 method and how they arrived at it.
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    Tell me about it. I bumped up the weight a little bit for shoulders this morning, probably a little too much, and they are pretty fried right now. I couldn't complete the 7 reps on the last set of the second round. My shoulders just ran out of gas.
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  8. I suppose we could say we're doing two intensified sets: the 3-4-5-6-7 ladder twice with the long 150 sec between.

    The system is old. Old-time strongman Hermann Görner used variants of it. From what I can gather the sources are Belgium, Germany, Russia.

    There's a couple of kindle books about $11 a piece with all sorts of information, strategies, and histories on what they call 'ladders'. I think the main rationale is getting extra reps (volume) for minimal fatigue.

    Tsatsouline, Pavel. Beyond Bodybuilding: Muscle and Strength Training Secrets for The Renaissance Man
    John, Dan. Easy Strength: How to Get a Lot Stronger Than Your Competition-And Dominate in Your Sport
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  9. Tsatsouline and Dan Johns like 3 clusters (2-3-5-10-2-3-5-10-2-3-5-10) for drug-free athletes seeking hypertrophy. It's certainly similar training to the 3/7 method and interesting to me to see the strategies padded out a bit.
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  10. So if I'm understanding this correctly, this method is only applied to one or two particular exercises during a broader routine? I can't imagine doing this with every single movement in my full body workout.
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