Strength training with new 3/7 method gives superior results

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  1. Well explained. Yeah, I like 50 reps; I find it my sweet spot for volume. I don't grow using lower HIT rep schemes.
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  2. Just curious: what is your rep cadence, and do you go to failure?
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  3. It's many years since I attempted serious bodybuilding using HIT and never got close to earlier levels of hypertrophy. I used thrice weekly full body routines to failure and even now I rep slowly and carefully, probably 3 secs concentric and eccentric.

    In hindsight I would've tried Dorian Yates' HIT split routines training over six days. I believe he used two warm-up sets, one work set and about 3 exercises per bodypart, e.g. around 50 reps in total, my rule of thumb.
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  4. Well, truth be told, I was also bigger when I did more volume. But I was also younger then. So I can't be certain about what was the cause of the effect. But I came to a point where I could no longer do the kind of volume I did at full intensity anyway, so the point became somewhat moot.

    Although I had reported that I didn't notice any marked drop in size or strength as I went to lower volume, there is no question that I am no longer the size that I was. The decline has been very gradual, whereas my reduction in volume was somewhat less so. And I'm not quite as strong as I was, either. But I started meaningfully reducing volume in my early 50s and I'm now 60. Much as I may hate to admit it, I think age played a role. I wish I had reduced volume meaningfully when I was younger. Then age would not have been as much of a moving part and I'd have been in a better position to assess the effect of reduced volume while other key variables remained somewhat more constant.

    You mentioned Yates's routine. Do you think his warm-up sets contributed to his hypertrophy?
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  5. Hi there. Yeah, I think all sets over 50%RM count to a degree. My own way of dealing with age, I'm 55, and "natural", is to use Bryan Haycock's HST as my base: old school three times a week full body routines with moderate total sets (two week cycles going from 75% to 100% loads) and regular one or two weeks off.
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  6. I tried HST when I was transitioning from fairly higher volume, but didn't care for the cycling/periodization. Just not my thing, although most people seem to swear by it. Also, as I recall, there are only periods when training is to failure. I tried NTF, leaving one rep or so "in the tank," but it always felt like unfinished business and I couldn't shake the feeling. So even if training to failure every workout may not be the best thing for me - at least according to HST - I nevertheless find it therapeutic. :D
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  7. Baron

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    I used the 3/7 method this morning for back and biceps. I like it enough that I'm going to keep doing it for a while and monitor my progress. And I agree with you on the 50 rep range. It's the sweet spot for sure.
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  8. I tried 3/7 last night for shoulders.
    After the first two (3,4) I thought I should have used a little heavier weight.
    But after 6 I was gasping for air and 7 was an incredible burn.
    Will definitely try it again.
    Already shaking thinking about “7” on leg day :vomit:
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  9. Starting my next Keto Cycle and lifting regiment. This looks interesting and something different so worth a try.
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    I used the 3/7 method for shoulders this morning and on the first round, it was pretty tough on the 6 and 7 rep sets, which means my dumbbell weight was spot on. The second round was even tougher but I got all the reps done... barely.

    I don't do military presses because my shoulder joints pop pretty hard on the lowering part of the movement. So I used the 3/7 method on 3 exercises: side lateral raises, front lateral raises, and some standing cable rows (for the rear delts).

    After that, I even tried the 3/7 method on abs using this ab contraption in my home gym. Most people would just hook their feet in, cross their arms and lean way back, but I held an 8 lb medicine ball in my hands to make it harder.


    But after I was done with the second round, I could have held a heavier weight for sure so I will adjust upwards next time.
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