StreetSmartPro and Windows Vista

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by bbcmoney, Nov 13, 2008.

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    I heard that Schwab SSP was compatible with Windows Vista (of which I have heard a lot of bad things), but DELL forced the issue on my new computer and I now have Vista.

    1. I had problems on SSP with XP, and somehow SSP could not be used - (firewall problems???), even after talking with Schwab Tech Escalation and after completely re-installing XP so I traded on my laptop all day, thus ruining my eyesight.

    2. I upgrade my computer with a bigger and better and more expensive computer, with Vista and now I get bumped out of SSP in the middle of the day with no warning. Only a mad man would trade on this junk.

    Since I do fast trading, this could be a disaster.

    So....first do people have problems with SSP and Vista?

    I am thinking of going back to IB where I used to have an account.

    Also SSP does not have futures information.

    Also I can move my Roth accounts to IB and not depend on 'settled money.'

    Basically I think SSP is NOT SET up for trading intraday.

    Also I have wasted enough time and money to solve this mess and should just go on and get a proper set-up.

    What have I not thought about.

  2. What does IB do different with IRA accounts than Schwab?
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    Last I checked, the Roth accounts in IB could use unsettled money for trading, but there is no margin on the Roth.

    Best to check current details.
  4. bbcmoney


    I worked with Schwab Tech Support (very good person) and (1) cleaned up my .net files) and (2) re-installed SSP.

    It seems to work now.

    One note: I have 32-bit Vista which works with SSP, but there are issues with the 64-bit Vista, I was told....just FYI.
  5. Did they mention any upgrades coming to SS Pro?
  6. dinoman


    SSPRO is on the decline, just pick-up and go somewhere else.

    They do have the e-mini futures data, but you cannot trade futures with them.

    /esz8, /nqz8 and /ymz8 are the symbols.

    Now when the market gets a little goofy they shut off the data for NASD and ARCA. This is just hilarious and absurd.

    Like I said before the SSPRO is in a fast decline with mounting issues that go ignored.

    Save yourself and run as fast as you can.

    As far as Dell forcing you on Vista, this is very well known. The best way around this is to open a small biz account that will allow you to get XP with a vista cd for later install if wanted.

    If your not a biz they won't sell you a pc without Vista. Its called you have no pull and get stuck with MSFT crap.

    Best of luck to you.