Street Sweeper destroyed

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  1. JackRab


    Shit..... that's a good laugh..

    Have you seen the lending rates on this thing? IB has 228% :wtf: Looks like it's always been high...

    Short squeeze???
  2. Overnight


    Sweep and Destroy?

  3. JackRab


    interesting read on HMNY

    They have a 51% stake in MoviePass which is a subscription service... 10 bucks per month for unlimited visits to movie theaters...

    Got 400k new subscribers in just 1 month due to the price drop. Interesting...
    The idea behind the surge in stock, is that for once you don't have to be a Silicon Valley Venture Cap to get into a potential disrupter... but can just buy the majority holder: HMNY
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    Went up from 20 to 30 just today... shit-hot!!! That's insane....

    So HMY bought 51% stake for 27mln, so now getting traction the 51% in MoviePass is worth about almost 10x that?
  5. Criminals and scum. Their LAST tweet on this the 28th.

    Radio silence on their stream since

    The Street Sweeper @investorsbeware

    Sep 28

    TheStreetSweeper remains bearish on $HMNY. Strong conviction against biz plan and management.

    The Street Sweeper @investorsbeware

    Sep 26

    $HMNY Helios & Matheson: TheStreetSweeper Demands Correction at !

    The Street Sweeper @investorsbeware

    Sep 20

    Troubled $HMNY. Catch our new report: Helios and Matheson Analytics (HMNY): Shaking Down Shareholders !!
  6. Citron on HMNY too
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    @Chuck Krug ... while I'm inclined to agree with Citron's line of thought... Netflix is burning money as well...

    HMNY is trying to build a client-base and upsell with other side products. There could be something in that.

    I don't really see how they can make money on just the 10 dollar monthly subscription. They think it will not be mis-used... but shit... if you go to the movies weekly, you definitely will get on board for just 10 bucks, which is a losing trade for HMNY. They acknowledge that as well, but think that it will be limited. But they do try to make money on the side.

    Curious how this will play out...
  8. Was my entry at $35 too late?
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