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  1. Ditch


    What is a "Grail" Trade?

    The "Holy Grail" trade was originally described in my Street Smarts book. The setup occurs when the market's trend has been strong enough to cause a 14-period ADX to rise above 30. When the price then retraces back to the 20-period EMA, odds favor a retest of the most recently formed high or low.

    What is an "Anti" Setup?

    The Anti looks like a small bull or bear flag pattern that occurs either in the middle of a trading range or just after a market has reversed from a sustained trend move. Classic bull or bear flags are continuation patterns that can only occur in a market that has a well-defined trend. Sometimes an Anti will look like the middle retracement of an A-B-C pattern. Thus, we are able to get a measured move objective that is based off the prior swing. The Anti MUST be preceded by a short-term IMPULSE move. Buy Antis are more frequent than Sell Anti setups. The long trades will have the best odds of success if the prior up leg is GREATER than the previous down leg. Oscillator pattern recognition based on either the 3/10 oscillator or a 7-period %K, 16-period /%D combination of stochastics can also be used to identify this setup.

    What is Momentum Pinball?

    Momentum Pinball was originally introduced in the Street Smarts book as setup to indicate a Buy Day or a Sell Short Day ala George Douglas Taylor. Taylor looked to go short after 1-2 days of rally, and cover and go long after 1-2 days of decline. The pinball indicator is calculated by using a 3-period RSI of the daily net change. The "Street Smarts" book contains a complete and detailed description of this trade.

    (Momentum Pinball, Anti, Holy Grail, 80/20 and 90/10 bars, and 2-period ROC signals are some of my ORIGINAL concepts. It is repeatedly brought to my attention that there are individuals on the internet offering newsletters and courses based on my original copy-write protected materials. Please note that I do not have any affiliation or association with these entities.)

    Here are the setups still used by LBR:

    holy grail

    Check the daily posted charts at lbr, where she referes to the setups and save $150
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  2. Ditch


    To be complete: setups described in Street Smarts
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  3. ScaleOut



    You're forgetting that Larry Connors co-authored Street Smarts -- and he ain't gonna sell ANYTHING for less than 150 or so bucks.
    #24     Jun 19, 2003
  4. Ditch


    This is another setup by LBR, called first cross. IMO this and short skirts really work. I made some adjustements to it myslef to enter before the fast macd xo again. however, johnboy's brownnosers are not allowed to trade this.
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  5. Tea


    If you think about it, Johnny Rotten's Emini breakout pattern is basically an Anti setup.

    I wish Linda would come out with a new book on her own. I would pay $150-200 for that.
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  6. Ditch


    Well, it could turn out to be an anti, but those are much clearer when you focus on the bars themselves in a 1 min chart. Personally i like to enter before the move resumes, that way you will gain 1 to 2 pts , allowing for bigger profit targets and tighter stops.
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  7. gemini_315

    gemini_315 Guest

    I believe that Linda uses a basket of commodities and a basket of 250 stocks to trade her strategies in Street Smarts. Do you know what her criteria is for selecting which commodities and which stocks she includes in her baskets. It doesn't mention anything about this in her book.

    #28     Oct 10, 2003
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