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Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by Merc, Jun 18, 2003.

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  1. Merc


    Looking to buy Street Smarts by Linda Raschke.
    The cheapest I found on Barnes & Nobles for 140$. Which is unacceptable. Is any place I can find it for lower price?


  2. I have

    Street Smarts (Rashcke, Connors)
    Advanced Trading Strategies (Connors)
    Trading With DiNapoli Levels (Joe DiNapoli)

    all 3 in MINT condition

    PM me your best price, for any or all 3 books
    The highest bidder (as of Thursday, June 18th, 8 PM) can get them shipped as early as this Friday.

  3. Ditch


    Save yourself the money, must of the setups don't work
  4. Merc



    Can you recommend another source for the current market?

  5. Ditch


    These are the books i can recommend:
    Edwards and Magee
    Market Wizards
    Mind over Markets
  6. aren't all the lbr setups explained on her website?
  7. I found the setups to be effective when combined with Linda's overalll program. She trys to anticipate the "kind of day" it will be (buy day, sell day, sell short day) and looks for her trades accordingly. Some of the methods in the book are not going to work for every condition. To use her work, you need to develop a similar "feel" for market action. Good Luck, Steve46
  8. kernan


    I found Street Smarts to be a good resource, and disagree with those who say it is not worth the money. Just like anything else, it is a tool you use to form your own methodology. I don't trade any of the set-ups in the book exactly, but I use bits and pieces of things I learned in the book.

    Other books I found useful:

    TA of Stock Trends, Edwards and Magee
    The Master Swing Trader, Farley
    Any of Nison's Candlestick work
    Profiting in Bull and Bear Markets, Weinstein

    Good luck.
  9. Ahh, a market profile fan :D
  10. Ditch



    LBR offers a 3-day trial for her chatroom. Check out yourself how effective her setups are and how much feel for market action she has.
    #10     Jun 19, 2003
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