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  1. ceaser


    I was just wondering, because the book "Street Smarts" by Connors and Raschke was written in 1996 if the strategies in the book still work today or if they are outdated.
  2. Handle123


    Regardless whether their strategies work now or later, most systems with short time durations have to be adapted to increase/decrease of volatility. Whereas long term systems might never change, I have not changed entries in long term commodities since made it in early 90s, but have changed risk management as knowledge expands. There is a reason why this is toughest job in the world to get good, but sky is limit for the 1%. Charting started before 1900 and it has expanded and used by many.
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  3. tomorton


    Take a look at daily charts from 1995 and 2018 and see if you can tell if there's any difference. I'm going to bet if you saw a 3 month slice of daily candlesticks from these two years without date or price legends, they would look indistinguishable.

    While you're at it, just for a bit of fun, try to highlight the NFPR days. Again, not so easy.
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