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  1. Anyone here subscribe to Street Insight, the "pro" version of's subscription?

    It's pricey at $2k a year. I subscribed last year and found it to be helpful but not that helpful. It's got great coverage of conference calls and various private hedge fund managers.

    Anyways, Doug Kass recently went 100% long around SP 840 or so. Anyone here following this guy? He kept talking about the weak consumer and top in housing stocks last year. Then this year turned completely bullish and how the market will turn around and how its stronger than most people think, etc.

    Too bad they don't have trials...
  2. Rev Shark still has this headline up- "The indices are green, so there must be some buyers out there." Someone should nudge him.

    Its been a while since we've had a market with strong extended moves like today. I hope all of you yearning for the good old days know what to do with strong moves like this or have you been trained by now to fade everything?

    Anyway. Does anyone remember that short article RM had up which was subtitled- "Trading is not a noble pursuit but its a game of poker some guys play?" I've not been able to find that. Does anyone remember what that article is?
  3. marketsurfer and his group have been long since 2 weeks ago. way too early, but he still seems confident having averaged down from there. perhaps the "smart" money is postioning to catch the bottom..

  4. I don't use any services like that, don't see a need to pay that much money, i just use my cheap stock screener on end of day data.

    This is the calm before the storm, and if they can't push it down drastically they will push it up drastically. I've been intermediate term bullish on SPY since 2/25.
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like you don't subscribe to to get the full articles. Rev's been pretty spot on which is just like his style. He spots trends and hops on. Even with the slow trickle down in the indices, there have been no trends within individual equities themselves.

    In that post, he said "The intensity of the buying even in those stocks with volume increases is very light. This is not the sort of action that strikes me as the start of meaningful accumulation by big buyers. "

    If you're trying to get the gist of his articles just by reading the headlines because you don't subscribe you could end up getting the wrong message at times.

    Anyways, the market is going to continually tear thru bottom callers until the graves can no longer hold their egos. I don't care how big of a fund or how much liquidity you have, the market is bigger and has more.

    SP 800 here we are. Right about now there are stops being set off but also buyers waiting in the wings like always expecting this to be a successful retest and wanting to jump on board the rally.
  6. Dead on accurate. Well said.

  7. they have a free trial.i took the trial. not impressed.
  8. You're right. They do have a free trial. I must not have scrolled down to the very last line of their 4 pages of fluff.

    Anyways, I'm free trialing it, and it'll be interesting to see how Doug Kass is talking the market since the recent break of support. I'll post here if anyones interested.
  9. i think doug kass has a large pain tolerance.
  10. Well, since going bullish more than 40 points ago in the S&P, what do you know, Doug Kass has increased his long exposure from 100% to 110%.

    I bet the market will make him sweat a little before the big return, if there is one.
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